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I'm not entirely sure how this point system works but I will do my honest best to get however many I can get. ^^

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    Donated Jun 28, 2015, 11:44:19 PM


I never really had a proper full blown review or critique on my first creepypasta character but I think it should be time I get some form of critique. I know some people have given tips and stuff mostly on drawings and little story bits but I would like some more in depth opinions on what I have, what I'm doing right or wrong, you know the drill.

I'm open to changing a little few things that will help my character Silent Siren/Catherine grow. It's ok if I receive flack or stuff, I know not everyone is going to sugar coat their responses.

So...if anyone wants to have a go at it, here's some links for all the current info and backstory I have so far. Half of her backstory is done, not all of it but you'll see the rest of her info in the other links. Hope this is good enough.




Silent Siren belongs to me.
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"If you draw only thin characters and refuse to make fat ones, you need to be reported for hate speech!"

How about not making assumptions about people and their art styles? Good lord Tumblr, this is why we can't have nice things.

Edit: the message was different but still Tumblrina bullcrap.
Planning to rewrite and edit Silent Siren's creepypasta origin and maybe finish it later this week I hope. Writing emoticon 

I know it can be revamped and done better so I removed it from groups to start off on a clean slate. make you shine  Pretty much doing this with most of my writing pieces so I can improve on my work.

Also deleted my whole fanfic series of that MaskyxHoodie thing I never finished but that's not important.

Sorry though to those that actually liked it. Stitch is Sorry plz 
DA, are you being serious right now? You're seriously taking away the search bar at the bottom of the gallery and favorites sections to load every favorite and image instead of organizing by page? What the fuck.
Probably opening a can of worms with this status but merely asking for opinions. What would it take for you to stay neutral or friendly to someone on here? Like, you don't have to even be watchers, just casual or bonding friends.

What I mean is that people are always going to have opposing views of something but can still be friends and agree to disagree. I'm not talking about simple things like favorite colors or ships or all that, moreso complicated subjects like politics, religion, pretty much adult subjects.

Personally, I can stay friends with someone or stay neutral if they do have opposing views if they have made it clear somewhere. However, I have limits. If they start spouting hateful, ignorant or just a toxic rhetoric that can leave a negative impact on people, yeah there's a chance I can drop the person.

It's one thing to have a different view, it's another to be hateful and toxic no matter what side of the issue you're on.

If someone is being toxic, cut them out of your life. You don't need their negativity.
Happy Meyrry Christmas Eve!! Eat lot s of cookie and food. Be good to each other and stay safe.

((Sorry, am a bit buzzed but hey, we live to the fullest when we can))
While decluttering my closet and storage bins, I found a bunch of my older art from high school. I will post some for the lolz and cringe but I keep thinking...

Why did I make my first OC so freaking emo...
I know this is an overdone topic and hinting at the last status but shippers scare me sometimes rather than annoy. Like, anything in a show, comic, cartoon, movie, etc, any two characters they see in the same scene, same room, same anything they would automatically screech: "OMG! They're standing next to each other! They stared at each other from a distance! SHIP!", yes people have freedom to ship but really? Some "hints" and "ships" just make no sense and come off rather creepy when fanatics just look for any miniscule detail they can pull up for a so called pairing no matter who the characters even are. Good lord.
Beginning to get a little annoyed by Lapidot shippers.

What I mean by this is that every time I look up fanart that has either Peridot or Lapis shipped with a different adult character from the show, there's just comments screeching "Nuh-uh! Lapidot forever!" "She's she's with Peridot!" "They're together! The show proves it!"

Look, I don't mind other shippers if they are respectful and can accept that people ship different couples. Lapidot fanatics however are giving themselves a bad rep since well, this seems to be the most popular fan couple of the show at the moment so I guess they want it to be canon. But please, don't feel so threatened that you have to spam your OTP name in posts that isn't even about Lapidot. Save those for actual LapisxPeridot posts. taking that spiked eggnog after having a dosage of two pills for my cough was not the best solution. But at least I feel rested today. shenanigans.
I know there's been a lot of pain right now considering the recent event. I never knew or spoke to the artist CandyPout but from what I've heard, she was an amazing friend and family figure for the people she cared for. I wish I had gotten to know her as she sounded really nice. I can't relate to the mass amount of pain but to the others that were shocked and in pain, I really feel for them as it hurts to see others in this emotional pain. Things are rough and bleak right now but to everyone out there, be there for the friends and family you care for. You will always have someone's support regardless if you have it online or in real life. You are important.

R.I.P. CandyPout, you will be missed.
Great, is DA becoming buggier again? It won't show me the browse or next option on favorites and my own gallery. What the hell. I hope this is only a mobile issue.
Sometimes you just have to cut people out of your life, especially those who barely know you yet have a bad vibe with you even if you yourself have tried to make things work. Yeah, it's a vague vent post but I just needed to blow off steam.
That episode of Steven Universe last night, man...
Is anyone else having a problem with group submissions? I keep trying to post SU artwork but it keeps submitting a completely different fandom piece to the selected folders and groups I'm picking. I am hoping this is just an issue on mobile.
Random post here, am I the only one who sees Lapis and Peridot as sisters? Like the ship art is cute and all though I feel less chemistry with the ones with more romantic elements. I kinda feel like they're more of a family bond rather than romantic when I see more lighter toned pictures of them together but that's just how I see it, this isn't to bash Lapidot shippers, they're cool. It's just how I see it. Lol
*Finds a new Steven Universe OTP*

I wonder if this actually exists...*goes to Google*

*Immediately has many results of that very ship I hopped onto*

I was not disappointed. Lol
*Random OC/PSA I guess status*

Been developing my Catherine/Silent Siren character for so long now, I'd say about three years and I gotta say, I'm pretty proud of my work even if she doesn't have finished stories. Even incomplete works, her character throughout role plays and art depictions have developed her fully as she is now pretty much at the peak of her character.

A theme I've been subconsciously noticing throughout the darker stories I've been writing, courtesy of other rp partners is a theme of relationship abuse and how it can affect a person's mental/emotional well being. This also carries on to mold SS/Cathy to becoming a stronger woman character throughout the plots and how she builds more courage and strength to stand up for herself even in the face of danger whether it's physical fighting or someone trying to manipulate their way to the character's mind.

The way I make these work is through personal experiences of a previous relationship, I guess that's why I put in a lot of emotion in these short stories or current roleplays when it comes to romantic affiliation and subplots. And now as I see it, I do hope that maybe it can be relatable to other people who undergo or have undergone similar situations whether the relationship is between friends, bf/gf, ex, family, coworker, etc. So people can see that there's always some glimmer of hope within those dark moments when a character finally manages to fight through the struggles. There's hope both in the fictional world and your reality.

Abuse of any type is a hard thing to cope with, so I suppose that personal experiences put within my character helped her to grow into who she is now today. From an insecure, easily provoked and uncertain individual to a person who has developed enough bravery to stand up to her aggressors and fight through fear when confronted to let them know she will not take any bullshit.

Just so you know, all challenges faced are never easy victories and progress can be quite slow and minimal. But know this, you're always going to have supporters of some kind nearby even if you don't believe it. It gets better and when you reach the top, you will be victorious. All of us cope with struggles in a different way, art being one of those major ways. If helps you, do so and don't stop trying, letting emotions out this way is a breath of fresh air and definitely helps with venting out the negativity. Keep at it and you'll feel a lot better. Sorry for rambling but if this helped in any way, well, congrats and I wish you all the best when working on your own products. Have a good weekend, everyone.
Happy Halloween everyone! I know time zones are different but over here is about early so hope you're all having a fun holiday. ^^ :iconbakaandtensaiart: :icontipsyai: :iconvampshinobi: :iconamiecris: :iconrokatsu: :iconivydarkrose: and everyone else, I hope you had or are having a lovely evening or day, even if there are others that don't celebrate it, I still wish you a wonderful time and many more to come. ^^
Is it a bit bad to be an introvert most of the time? Currently everyone's having fun in their party outside and I had about my share of fun but I'm pretty burnt out now. Family suggests I should dance and socialize though I felt pretty comfortable just talking to my cousin and geeking out over pop culture stuff, I felt pretty satisfied enough. I'm in between not being a party person but I also don't mind some of the festive and social activities when they arrive. I know I gotta speak more but I show about a fraction or more of talking and participation in activities and loud parties for a bit, that counts for something, right? Lol *speaking out thoughts while burnt out tired*


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I am a young adult woman who is trying my best to blossom into creativity again. I have found new material to grab inspiration from and convert it into my own art style. I wish to draw and submit as much art as I can so I may be able to not only gain some recognition for talent, but to be an inspiration and role model to other artists on here as well. Let's have some fun and positivity.

For anyone visiting my profile, please do not advertise or thank me for faves/llamas/watches/ etc.

Reposting the comment I made on several of the favorites folders:

Just a clarification, please to all that I comment on, watch, fave things, etc, please do not thank me for the faves/watches/etc.

I'm not saying this to be rude but I cannot reply to any comment that I've responded to in the same way.

I appreciate all the art that is made and I will gladly give feedback on your piece if I do get around to it. Again, this is just a preference I have on my profile, I don't wish to come off as cold and rude.


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